The Rules:

  1. There is NO smoking in the fucking theater (and no fucking in the smoking theater).
    • the theater MAY let you go outside to smoke. ASK FIRST. You will probably need a wristband to get back in.
  2. Throwing stuff is great, but DO NOT throw stuff...
    • at the Screen
    • at the Lights
    • at the Cast
  3. Stay off the fucking Stage. It's just that simple. (This includes the risers in front of the stage)
  4. There is no rule #4
  5. Underwear Run:
    • If you haven't bathed in, say, a week, maybe reconsider. Hygiene is sexy! B.O. is not.
    • Secure and cover your naughty bits so that they do not dangle or pop-out. It's the underwear run, not the naked run.
    • No groping unless explicitly invited to do so (active consent is sexy!). Violate this obvious rule and you will be ejected from the theater.
  6. Bathrooms:
    • The ladies room is in rear house right. The mens room rear house left (behind the spotlight tower). Try to keep it straight (even if you're not).
    • Do not block access to the restrooms

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