It's true... sex is part of the mystique of Rocky Horror. It's true also that many of the regulars might be described as sluts. However for many years no one considered the potential profit that could be had.

Enter Sherri, the one entrepreneur who had the vision to tap this burgeoning market. She made the show's slutty regulars see the error of their ways. Why give it away when you can make some money?

“I'd always heard the phrase `Shake your money-maker',” says Stacy, one of Sherri's girls, “but I never took it literally until Sherri came along.”

Although many credit Sherri as an economic genius for this new “sex for money” scheme, she insists that the credit is not all hers. “People always ask me how I came up with the idea,” she says, “They've been doing it in Australia for DECADES.”

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