In the beginning of this child's lifetime, there were dark and dreary times, until that golden month of November of 2005, right before all the regulars left. Her first experience was of babysitting a drunk teenager, holding her head above the AIDS covered bowl of that blessed toilet that's seen many a spooge. It was on that day that she swore she'd never return, and then we fast forward to two months later when a friend drags her, we all know you can cum here any time you like, but you can never leave (if you get the reference you're old). So now look at this bright young example of questionable youth, playing Columbia (or Magenta), going around almost completely naked during the floor show, and loving every minute of it. Show her a good time and maybe she'll take you home, to her closet, where she'll lock you up, open it every night and get you to dance for her in a circus monkey outfit with cymbals shouting "DANCE MONKEY, DANCE!!!!!"

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