Amanda joined the cast of Rocky back in 2004. She has since then played almost every part in the show. After much deliberation, she settled on the part of Dr. Frank-n-Furter. Was it the sexy makeup? No. The ever-ripping fishnets? Couldn’t be. The totally bitchin’ choreography? Perhaps.

It actually has everything to do with the fact that the corset piles her boobs so high she can lick them. It brings a new meaning to the phrase, “Look mom, no hands!” Once, the other members of the Low Down Cheap Little Punks tried to put hot sauce on her chest to deter the habit. It resulted in many cases of temporary blindness, and a nasty lawsuit that was settled in the judge’s “chambers.”

Demonstrations of this gravity defying feat are available upon request every Friday at the Rialto. Tips are appreciated and should be given during Sweet Transvestite. After all, it’s tough to be a student.

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